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Graduate Level Courses

BME 575 – Neural Engineering II (Neural Coding) and BME 576 – Sensory Prostheses Engineering: Graduate level courses offered for the graduate and undergraduate students in the Neural engineering concentration. These courses consist of a lecture module and a hands-on module. The lecture module is taught using interactive teaching methods in roundtable discussion format. The hands-on module includes a 5-week experimental project where students work in groups and develop innovative medical devices. The projects are often published and presented at national and international conferences.

Sensory Substitution Projects – Fall 2015

EEG Arm Wrestling – Battle of the Minds

Brain-controlled Arm-wrestling Game: OpenBCI headsets are used to acquire EEG signals which move the arms; the subject who is most concentrated on the movement wins the game.

Sensory Substitution Projects – Fall 2016

Team 1: CommunicaShirt

The goal of the project is to convert vocal input to written text for mute and hearing impaired individuals.

Team 2: Ultrasound Based Walking Aid for the Visually Impaired

The goal of the project is to detect an obstacle, or change in the depth of the path such as ditches or steps, inorder to assist the visually impaired individuals.

Team 3: Touch-Sensitive Capacitive Artificial skiN (Touch-SCAN)

The goal of the project is to create a force measurement system that could be used by surgent in order to provide simple feedback about the amount of force being exerted on tissue during surgical implants.

Team 4: Color Me

The goal of the project is to provide the colorblind and visually impaired individuals with information about the color composition in a live picture.

Team 5: Low-Cost Loud Noise Orientation for the Hearing Impaired

The goal of the project is to give tactile feedback about loud noises in the environmental to hearing impaired individuals.