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Undergraduate Level Courses

Below you can find all undergraduate level courses. Click a tab to find out more about a specific course.

BME 240 – Modeling Physiological Data and Systems

BME 399 – Professional Development for Bioengineers

BME 431- Bioinstrumentation and Measurement Laboratory

BME 479 – Wearables and Nearables Technology Laboratory (Open for Spring 2020 Online)

This course teaches data, image, and signal processing concepts through programming in Matlab and is the first course that introduced students to bioengineering concepts and Matlab programming in the curriculum. The course is taught in a computer laboratory using interactive and peer-instruction methods. Every session, new concepts are introduced through hands-on programming modules where students work in small teams to tackle the problems.

This course was proposed and developed by Dr. Esmailbeigi. The course introduces  students to career decision-making processes and prepares the students for planning their transition into the engineering world.

This course is focused on teaching concepts of circuit designs for applications in bioengineering. Each of the 7 project in this course enables students to utilize their theoretical knowledge gained in other classes and apply it to experimental problem solving.

This is the first time this course is being taught; it was developed by Dr. Esmailbeigi, Dr. Hummel (UIC Department of Computer Science), and Dr. Nicholas Marjanovic. This cross-disciplinary course asks students to consider the applications, design requirements, and social implications of wearable and nearable technologies. Through various lab modules, this course teaches teams of bioengineering and computer science students about sensors, data processing, materials, wireless communication, and the user experience, among other topics.